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#EndSARS: U.K Parliament invokes sanctions on Nigerian officials

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Parliament deliberates that Nigerian officials mustn’t benefit from the freedoms they restrict their residents at home within the U.K.

In an absolute rebuke of police ruthlessness and carnage of helpless protestors, U.K Parliamentarians on Monday unanimously named certain embargoes towards Nigerian public officials and army officers who had a part in human rights violations in the course of the #EndSARS protest.

The controversy which was based mostly on an e-petition seeking penalties against the Nigerian government endorsed by over 200,000 was consented by all Uk members of the parliament when it was contemplated on the Westminster Hall on Monday night.

All the members of the chamber who contributed across ideological divides to criticize the U.K. Authorities for taking a neutral stand whereas the Nigerian authorities overstepped young protesters.

The parliamentarians noted that President Buhari’s leadership was nothing short of a dictatorship after citing several humans rights cases recorded in the Lekki, Oyigbo, and Delta, and freezing of protesters’ bank accounts.

The members submitted that politicians and their members of the family mustn’t have a way to liberty, freedom, and security within the UK when they refuse their denizens at home.

Recall, the bank accounts of most frontline lead End SARS protesters, involving major celebrities, are being frozen.

This was possible after the Central Bank of Nigeria governor, Godwin Emefule secured a court order to keep the accounts inaccessible by owners.

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