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#EndSARS: Nigerian Born US Soldier Appeal To Invade Nigeria, Cries To Trump (video)

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A US-based Nigerian in the military has cried out to the US President, Donald Trump over security challenges ongoing in Nigeria. 

He begged to help respond to human rights violations on peaceful protesters appealing for Police reform and a scrap of Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS).

Speaking in a viral clip obtained by Scannews24 the angry-looking soldier said his parents at home needs protection, appealed to Trump.

“I swore an oath of allegiance as a citizen of the United States and also swore an oath of allegiance before joining the United States Army, I can’t be working, putting my life on the line, and will not have rest of mind.

“I have my dad and mum back home in Nigeria and I hope you see what is going on in Nigeria.

“This is what you can do, I know you can do it, you have the power and ability to do it. Please, get this done.

“I’m ready to bear arms against Nigeria, please.

“Let’s invade Nigeria, let put an end to a frowning government.

“Let put an end to a tyrant government, please.

He continued to solicit to liberate his immediate family from danger adding that he is ready to bear arms against the country, bad leaders, and the army.

He noted that the United Kingdom is useless for looking away from all happening in the country they created just because they benefit.

We reported earlier that the Reformed Niger Delta militants threatened to destroy the oil and gas connection to different states in Nigeria.

Targeted major facilities owned by various multinational corporations, including Cheron, will be disconnected if Nigeria attack peacefully protesting youths.

The shooting of demonstrators at Lekki Concession Company on Tuesday by believed Nigerian soldiers has prompted retaliation from angry youth across the country.

Viral footage indicates uniformed men sporadically firing live bullets at protestors, living many dead, and several deeply injured.

Both Human Rights groups, International communities, and celebrities across the globe condemned the regrettable act.

Individuals and groups called for President Mohammadu Buhari’s resignation alongside his Vic, Professor Yemi Osinbajo.

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