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Emotional: 102-yr-old man finally plans to return to Nigeria after meeting Obi in Canada (Video)

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Man has left many emotional in a viral clip after he met with Labour Party presidential representative, Peter Obi during his Canada tour.

According to the man (name withheld) who is at his 102nd age noted restless if he fails to meet Peter one-on-one before he leaves for Nigeria.

The organizers scheduled and decided to bring him to the town hall gathering where Obi was making a speech.

On an emotional note, upon seeing the aged grandpa, Obi quickly suspended his speech and walked down from the podium to welcome him.

Both had good moments within a brief time amid the ongoing meeting, embraced, and took group pictures together.

The elderly man, according to gathered report is considering returning to Nigeria once Obi is announced the winner of the upcoming presidential poll.

This has since stirred emotional contributions from commenters and inspired young Nigerians to join in hasting the Obi movement to success.

We understand some traditions in Nigeria, especially of the Igbo extraction abhor allowing their elderly ones to reside outside the native community in view of guiding their younger ones for the future.


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