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Emerging face of media – Bismile Obilo

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The 21st-century media is drastically changing the old phase of journalism and bringing forward expected change.

The new century media generally holds its bane on social media and bloggers are gradually taking advantage thereby putting forward every event to the public.

Hence, the issue of fake news has been a troubling line that deserves attention. Speaking with Scannednews was a renowned blogger, Bismark Obilo Agubor popularly known by his handles, BismileTV, who gave a brief on how the new media outlook would be if fake information should be tackled.

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According to Obilo, today’s media is targeted at unfaithful politicians who have used the platform to undo the poor masses where the people are misinformed and hence deceived for political office.

“I want media to sit up so wicked politicians will be uncomfortable. They’ve long used the citizens for their selfish reasons.

“We’ve seen how to unravel secrets about a Nigerian presidential candidate who is accused of drug dealings. If not for the consistency of the journalists at the front line and bloggers in circulation a lot would be concealed.

“In the senior media personnel sits up just as bloggers like me, BismileTV, no leader will have a hiding place and the emerging media face would a watchdog against criminality in our society, Bismark Obilo Agubor noted.

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