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Electrically Charged Stones, Capable of Powering House, Discovered In Congo

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Africa may be the next stop to be considered a continent rich in natural resources but lacks leaders who could put them to use for the benefit of poor homes struggling daily to beat poverty and hunger.

Despite the endorsement of natural resources characterizing every part of African countries, it still beats the minds of teaming youths that aged and corrupt leaders have failed to ease up unemployment.

Gathered stories from notable media outlets report that an electrically charged stone, which is capable of powering homes and possibly, small-scale businesses have been discovered in Democratic Republic of Congo.

In a retrieved clip, some field personnel who took practical experiments on the rocks sparked the Stones. Additionally, cables were fixed on the charged rocks which powered a small bulb.

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Speculation and critics believe if this is harnessed properly it may be another avenue to power up Africa by spending more.

We understand a majority of the countries in Africa export solid minerals, and other natural resources.

We also understand westerners are hurriedly engaging synthetic products to replace some major resources from Africa. Africans need to pay valuable attention to themselves to appear competitive on the global stage.


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