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Edo Youths Team Up For Killers Herdsmen, Comb Bushes (Video)

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Concerning the incessant killing of innocent citizens in Edo State, brave youths seem to have risen to the challenge of curbing the menace.

In a retrieved viral video, some of the assembled angry-looking men dressed all black, were spotted preparing for the next move.

One of the security forces remarked that the able men decide to confront their enemies because death remains inevitable to everyone.

He maintained that there is reason to be scared of dying mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers who keep losing their lives to rampaging armed raiders suspected to be Fulani Herdsmen.

He noted Edo residents have seen enough of innocent blood on daily basis and no one is happy about it.

As they march on to comb community for possible criminal hideouts, he prayed god of the land and their ancestors to preserve their lives and guide them throughout the journey.

Virtually every household in Nigeria fears living for tomorrow due to unprovoked attacks by bandits, kidnappers, herdsmen, and Boko haram militants, particularly in the North.

Over twelve years now and counting government at the center has spent trillions on security yet no cogent result has been effected.

The government, however, is presently concentrating on protesters and social media users while killers flex muscle u challenged, every. Watch

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