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Drink and Drive: Drunk lorry driver covered from behind struggling to control starring (video)

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A terrifying video of a drunk driver surface indicating an inability to maintain consistent track on an unidentified expressway.

A retrieved clip by SCANNEWS24 confirms a motorist took close to nine minutes of footage from behind.

The horrible but regrettable incident affected two separate cyclists, who were knocked down on separate occasions.

The lorry, which the driver was not named was sewn weaving left to right, appearing the driver in charge probably was not in a rightful state to handle the vehicle.

Fortunately, over eight minutes of the swinging drive, between both tracks, the lorry did not slam on either crowd, moving vehicle, or tree. It visibly lost stable control for a long time.

However, the condition of both motorcyclists and their passengers were not ascertained as the camera did not further include the two scenes.

Alcoholic drinks remain a dangerous but beverage for motorists, pilots and riders mainly when about to embark on a journey.


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