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Drama as Nigerian train catches fire (Video)

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Nigeria appears to be the giant country in Africa but daily unfolding funny events may end up putting her a wrong look

A trending clip has caused traffic on social media regarding a passengers train spotted engulfed by fire.

The train which was captured in the middle of an undisclosed location was overtaken by flame while some individuals believed to be passengers struggled to put it off.

The fifty seconds video however did not further indicate if the flame was finally subdued but one of the volunteered firefighters was overheard saying “allow it to burn, the fire will not stop”

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The authorities spotted assisting at the scene also resorted to using wood and other dry stuff to fight the speedily expanding flame, no water tank, extinguisher, or machine.

Commenters on social media have condemned the poor efforts by the officers entrusted with the safety of the passengers.

Others regretted being Nigerian as no mechanism was put in place or made available for such an emergency.


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