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Drama as Aboki hawks Biafra inscribed Towel in Abuja (Video)

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A clip of a man spotted in a capital city of Abuja selling biafra inscribed item has surfaced.

The obtained and viewed video shows a young vendor on mobile trading carrying Biafra branded towel which is already banned in some states within Nigeria.

We understand Biafra activities, agitation, and campaign in the country has been opposed majorly by Northern extraction and perceived anyone promoting the Biafra agenda in similar ways as an enemy of peace to Nigeria.

This is coming when the President’s led government has taken strict measures against Biafra Promoters, including callers of the separate country from other regions.

Recall, sometimes in May 2021 vendors selling newspapers bearing IPOB were arrested and were later freed on bail. A similar operation has been witnessed in Abia, Delta, Anambra Enugu states respectively targeted at discouraging further calls for Biafra.

Surprisingly, the viral footage was covered and shared by a concerned Nigerian who expressed shock upon seeing a Northerner engaging in the business instead of a southerner expected to promote the cause.

Meanwhile, Yoruba-born activist, Sunday Igboho’s whereabouts remain unknown after security agents raided his Ibadan residence earlier this month after a planned Yoruba Nation protest scheduled for 3 July 2021. Watch

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