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Disturbing video of Boko Haram terrorists invading Northern community surfaces (Watch)

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Security problems in Nigeria have remained an everyday fresh topic in the mouth of Nigerians regarding inflicting pains people sustain from insurgents.

No state in Nigeria of today appears to be free from possible attacks by bandits, herdsmen, kidnappers, or unknown gunmen under the watch of president Mohammadu Buhari.

Footage received by #Scannews24 displays sets of Boko terrorists in convoy having chilled time within northern communities.

Though the location the clip was captured is unknown but the heavily armed sects, numbering over a hundred, were sighted moving into a village with motorcycles, vehicles.

The disturbing video has since stirred controversy, many left with series of questions on how the vehicles, motorcycles are fueled and repaired or even being serviced.

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A cross number of Nigerians maintained to know how ammunition is sourced, purchased, or delivered without the security personnel being able to track their activities.

Membership of the terrorist group keeps expanding daily indicating huge incentives attracting closer or better put, keen to achieve their agenda under this administration.

The president, being the commander of armed forces and the military is expected to do something in this regard, making sure the people do not see a reason to start protecting themselves against the enemies if nothing can be done.

Such a clip remains a big concern and should not be given deaf attention.

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