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DISTURBING: Soldiers a Captain chased out from sleeping Hall cry out for food, shelter (Video)

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Just when the insecurity situation across the country goes overboard some soldiers drafted to Zamfara State have cried out to the federal government for food, shelter, and healthy treatment.

This is happening at times security agents are needed to be healed physically, mentally, emotionally and morally to help boost their morale against insurgency rather the reverse has turned the case.

The viral disturbing two minutes footage made available to #Scannews24 displayed men of the Nigerian military in One Brigade Camp Zamfara State, being sent to sleep outside.

The environment surrounding the unconducive hall, according to armies is endangered by reptiles, scorpion and other life threatening animals yet they were forced to sleep in the open cold rainy weather.

They made the triggering video hoping help would come from the government as they pack their pieces of luggage off the building.

The crying soldier said the order was issued by one captain Falaye.

Either here or there, the hospitality at this point is not acceptable whereas trillions are budgeted to take care of their welfare. Logistics should immediately be made available to duly house these fighters.

What is the essence of budgeting and purchasing fighting hardware, ammunition, guns and have you when soldiers are poorly treated.


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