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Did Nnamdi Kanu Jump The Bail Granted By Justice Nyanko? [interesting analysis]

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This has been a nagging legal question. Three sureties have been fighting the effort of government to get them to forfeit 300 million naira bond they pledged.

The answer to the question is No. Operation Python Dance was an event that made the difference. It was an unnecessary and illegal military attack that justified Nnamdi Kanu’s flight for his own safety.

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The military intervention via Operation Python Dance was as if the Nigerian Government actually wanted Kanu to run. The inability of the Nigerian courts to restrain the military means the court could not secure the safety of the defendant. It will be wrong for the same court to hold the defendant bound to appear before it when to do so would place the defendant in real danger of death.

Kanu’s sureties must advance this argument to resist every attempt to compel them in any manner. In fact, Nigerian Government sabotaged them by forcing the defendant out of the country by declaring war on him.

DPA Rambo

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