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Desperate Evangelist Blasts Fellow Minister “Ashawo Pastor” Exchange Blows (Video)

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Nigeria, as a country seems to be an enjoyable place where a brand new day comes with shocking occasions and Nigerians, are seemingly moving forward whether or not fascinating, all falls right into a cruise.

A surfaced footage on social media has shown two believed ministers in an open place suspected to be a market square trade blows over preaching spot.

The evangelists, a woman, and a man were noticed dragging one another and using harsh terms.

The woman, showing curiosity, was determined to have the man crushed or most likely broken down while the man, who keeps tolerating her excesses and quarrel, runs round to keep away from a blow or probably, slaps from the lady.

Continually, the young man cast and bind the angry looking preacher.

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She called him ‘ashawo preacher’ instructing the fellow minister to get away from the preaching spot.

As she keeps Addressing him as ‘stupid’, she leaned and put up arms in direction of heaven mentioned ‘angel of God will punish you, idiot’ whereas the man, dumbfounded, proceeded to wish in opposition to her.

We understand such personalities aren’t anticipated to show such unwelcomed characters within the public, primarily when they’re clearly serving the same God.

The ugly display caught the attention of passersby.

A bystander, who was interested to call on bloggers perhaps, to cover the humorous but humiliating disagreement, described fight as ‘Nigeria war’


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