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Cyprian Ekpo disagrees Kayode’s call to rename Nigeria, PH, says Nigerians are self-enemies

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Cyprian Edward-Ekpo has disagreed call by Chief Femi-Fani Kayode to rename Port Harcourt and Nigeria as it brings the country down.

Kayode had argued on his post earlier that the dual who named both state and country are paedophile, rapist and drunkard, noting that Nigeria was coined from Latin word ‘NIGER’ which means black Area.

He further posited that other countries colonized by Britain has made a name change and Nigeria should follow suit.

Reacting to this, a Facebook client, Cyprian Edward Ekpo disagreed with the former aviation minister, said Nigerians are their problem, self-enemies.

Read in full:

Sir, I consciously disagree with this your cognitive philosophy even though I always admire your resource restatements and candour.

It is not a name that mare a nation like Nigeria.
It was similar philosophy to this that I grew to resent Professor Trevi Trooper, who once taught in the United States and when he was asked by a student while they don’t study History of Africa he responded with gut-wrenching perspective thus:
‘ Perhaps, in future, there will be a history of Africa but for now, I don’t know. All I know is the history of Europeans in Africa. Africa represents darkness and darkness is not a subject of discourse’.

I’m persuaded, that it is the character of the people that is the problem. The problem is not that Nigeria founders were involved in what you may term black occultism or whatsoever belief asserted. That was their personal soul inclination, their choice for their own soul journey, not our collective business. The problem of Nigeria first and foremost, is ‘intellectual poverty’. This has promoted negative proclivities in the mentality and social orientations of the people.
The aura speaks louder than words and name.

The country needs to become a knowledge-based country and not an anti-intellectual and materialistic conscious nation, she needs to embrace spirituality and not religiosity. Then all will change and would be well.

No demons are living or controlling Nigeria more than anywhere else. Demons have no power over a community except the people mental and spiritual vibrations attract them. It is like a law of magnetism. Darkness attracts negative vibration of darkness. When the atmosphere is purified through the process of repentance and development, light ensues and darkness cannot comprehend it as the light shines to dispel it.

The mentality of the people their intellectual poverty, their spiritual consciousness tending religiously low, are their dark atoms, which often explode, is the manifest disarray. Nigerians are themselves the citizenry enemies – self-enemies.

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