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COVID-19: Wike, the strategist or fearful?

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By Mr Chijioke R. Amadi

The disturbing situation in PHALGA would never be overemphasized and we will keep saying it not until the Rivers State Governor, Nysom Wike, do the needful.

Presently as I write, major areas occupied by non-indigenes within Miles 1, 2, 3 and others are yet to breathe life and treated like humans, they are experiencing hash but poorly thought-out stiff lockdown with 24 hours curfew.

Nyesom Wike

The curfew, which was earlier imposed on major streets in Port Harcourt City and later ‘shamefully’ added Abio/Akpo, after series of complains from innocent people (majorly non-indigenes), is being observed under absence of electrical Light, food, water.

You will recall the first phase of the curfew was only brought on some areas in PH and left out his local government, Obio/Akpo, to continue business and move around.

Weeks later, instead, Gov Wike would allow these stressed-out people to breath or better still, supply them with food as they remain in closed doors, he further forced them to join the extension of the strict locked with his Local Government.

Now, people have locked up themselves in the house without a sign of NEPA light, for over a week, no movement, no store or kiosk allowed to sell beverage talk of foodstuffs.

How could people, already stressed out, famished and worn out will continue in such situation without the Governor’s considered strategy to cushion the effect?

At least, visit these areas that have been on indoors, give them a Carton of Indomie as he did earlier for one month and more, facilitate electric light be switched on in these areas to allow them to be relieved a bit.

This display by the governor has indicated that he is either ill-advised, strategically bereaved, or scared due to news from Northern states regards inflows of Almajiris into Southern states without an idea on how to apprehend the disturbing situation.

I would advise the governor to ease the hardship, suffering, and wickedness brought upon these families without a source to sustain further even as the days of strict indoors goes indefinitely.

Let Wike open major big markets, and implement an internal control system:
Let the major market centres be organized in a way it adopts two or three entrances.
Put up one or two Exit points
Mount your Taskforce in both entrances and Exits:
i. To make all sellers are properly dressed to met health demands ii. All sellers are sanitized before settling.
iii. Seller and buyers will not enter the same time.
iv. Buyers are properly dressed with nose mask
v. Buyers are not crowded to the market
vi. Buyers maintain Social Distancing (according to approved metres).
Allocate days, two or three days in a week when buying and selling would hold.
Share nose mask or subsidized/moderate the price:
i. Empower your taskforce to go around, buy nose masks from small and big tailoring companies/shops around town.
i. Sell at a moderate price or share freely
Make sure there is a steady power supply to allow people to find staying at home easy.

Anything less than what is stipulated above, the people will take you as disappointing, fearful, wicked and bereaved of strategy to lead.

Your drastic measures, steps to battle the lingering deadly pandemic, Coronavirus in the state is commendable but making people perceive you differently could affect the reputation you have maintained for every long time.

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