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Chukwuma showers gifts to man who prophesied Innoson

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What remains and speaks for one in life after death is one’s good deeds. A noble man would be announced abroad by many for emulation while wrong ones are overly condemned.

An emanated article has indicated how Innocent Ifediaso Chukwum showers gifts to a man who made him assume motor business.

The man, Mr. Ikechukwu Osakwes, simply regarded by many as Osabros had prophesied to Innocent in the year 1979 and encouraged him to begin a vehicle manufacturing business.

During the time of the divine revelation, Chukwuma who later birthed and incorporated Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Company Ltd could not boast of a personal car, house, tangible landed property, or even capital to begin a notable business.

On 22 July 2022, Mr. Innocent was able to give out a brand new IVM G5, salary for life to Osakwe who travelled from Kano and blocked him at his residence to narrate how he saw in his dream the vehicle manufacturing company, CAP PLC.

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In Chukwuma’s words, partly “He told me that CAP means Chukwuma Automobile Productions. Immediately he said that I laughed him to scorn and left him immediately.

“After some years when I established the first motorcycle assembly plant, he came back again to remind me of that dream again and told me that I will still manufacture vehicles. Of a truth, it was after I had established my vehicle manufacturing plant that I realized that his prophecy was real.

“This week I signed an MOU with TAXI PLUS all the way from MALI to supply about 400 vehicles to Mali and I then recalled that Mr. Ikechukwu Osakwe prophesied as far back as 1979 that I will be the first indigenous vehicle manufacturing company to sell cars to other African countries.

“I shed tears of joy and said this can only be the hand of God. That is why I have invited him to let him know that his prophecy has been fulfilled.

“I have decided to give him a Brand new IVM G5 SUV and pay him a monthly salary for life. I want to encourage him to keep serving His God”.

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