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Chrisland 10-year girl rides comfortably on Kachi in Dubai bed (Video)

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The trending video of Chrisland College who also has been spotted on Likee celebrity top videos as Bhadgurl4k have kept the public wondering what really contributed to the level of damage she’s presently exposed to.

The majority of social media commenters mainly on Twitter have stirred controversy pointing fingers at the school teachers who probably have secretly subjected the ten (10) years old underaged girl into an act of exercising a different version of an adult fun play on the bed.

Closer attention, however, indicates in the video only children, possibly school circle were captured while comfortably indulging in an unholy act. The identity of the kids is yet to be made public.

The mother of the 10-year-old girl who was making a case against the school for suspending her daughter claimed she was r3ped during a school-sponsored trip to Dubai.

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According to the supposed victim’s mother, a student referred to as Kachi had borrowed a cellphone charger from her and later requested to pick by herself.

On reaching the hotel apartment different drama occurred. She was forced to take a hard substance and urged to ride on them. She said the daughter was gang-r3ped.

Though, the retrieved clip suggests otherwise, showing the young lass comfortably riding on one of the kids, and urging to be touched.


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