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Chinese Scientists in Nigeria To Test COVID-19 Vaccine – Nnamdi Kanu

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Mr Nnamdi Kanu has made another revelation on the lingering Coronavirus crisis posing as a major challenge to most countries in the world, condemned

Kanu practically can be identified by revelation and prediction following a series of past events he foresaw and claimed they all manifested.

One of the pronounced revealed secrets which he is battling to see to its reality is his position on president Mohammadu Buhari, who he said was replaced by an impostor (Jubril) since January 2017 after the demise of the president.

While reacting on the statement credited to two French Doctors suggesting Africans should be used to test the Coronavirus vaccine Kanu expressed displeasure to the arrival of some Chinese Doctors in Nigeria.

In a post shared on his Facebook page on Wednesday evening, Kanu, leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) said he received a call from an unusual source warning Nigerians to resist any vaccine to be used on them by the Chinese Medical Doctors in the country.

He noted that the source disclosed that the arrived doctors have only with the experimental drugs which are yet to be cleared for medical trials in China warned not to be allowed in Nigeria.

While reacting, the IPOB leader queried why the Nigerian government would engage Chinese who are yet to vaccinate themselves against the deadly virus to conduct such a program on Nigerians.

Kanu said both the Chinese and French governments are both in to conduct the vaccine test-run but the difference is that China “cunningly used hanging on for its dear life, to roll out a testing program for their vaccine on hapless Africans” while the later, “was open and honest about desiring to test their vaccine on Africans”.

He revealed that the authentic vaccine for the cure of COVID-19 disease will be ready for use by January 2021, adding that the doctors in Nigeria are embarking on a suicidal to send millions of Nigerians to their early grave.

He blamed people referred to as ‘untutored Fulani minds in Aso Rock’ for such “mad politically expedient decision” just to take lives of innocent people through Chinese scientists as “the regime has collapsed”.

Kanu, however, called on the public to resist the vaccination.

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