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China successfully plants a flag on the moon 50 years after the US

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The images from China’s National House Administration present the five-starred Red Flag clenching still on the windless lunar floor.

They had been taken by a digital camera on the Chang’e-5 space probe earlier than it left the Moon with rock specimens on Thursday.

Two previous Chinese lunar explorations had flags on the crafts’ coatings – so neither could possibly be hooked to the moon.

The US rooted the first flag on the Moon in the course of the manned Apollo 11 mission in 1969. Five additional US flags had been planted on the lunar floor throughout successive missions up till 1972.

In 2012 Nasa presented satellite photos as displaying that five of the flags had been still standing, however, experts named in media reviews say they’re more likely to have been washed out into white by the sun’s flash.

The first ensign was said by astronaut Buzz Aldrin to have been positioned too near the Apollo lunar module and was, he mentioned, most likely knocked away when the module blasted off.

The state-run Global Times newspaper mentioned the Chinese flag was a reminder of the “excitement and inspiration” felt through the US Apollo missions.

The material flag was stretched out by the Chang’e-5 lander car just before its ascender vehicle took off utilizing the lander as a launchpad.

It has brought soil and rock specimens to China’s lunar orbiter 15km (9 miles) above the lunar surface – which is able to then be shut in in a module that will probably be geared toward China’s Inner Mongolia region.

The Chinese flag is 2m huge and 90cm tall and weighs a couple of kilograms. All components of the flag have been given features akin to safety towards cold temperatures, mission chief Li Yunfeng informed the Global Times.

“An ordinary national flag on Earth wouldn’t survive the severe lunar environment,” project developer Cheng-Chang mentioned.

The national flag of China was observed on the Moon during its initial lunar touchdown mission, Chang’e-3 in images obtained by the lander and rover of each other. The Chang’e-4 lander and rover introduced the flag to the dark angle of the moon in 2019.

Nevertheless, in each case, the flag was on the crafts’ coating rather than being an original material flag on a pole.

The Chang’e-5 journey is China’s third triumphant touchdown on the Moon in seven years.


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