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Channels TV, other Medias shielding Fulani Herdsmen, contributes to Killings – Jonathan

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Nigerians are now expressing concern on the role of Nigerian-based mainstream media outlets following the continued attacks by some groups of armed individuals referred by the Federal Government as Bandits.

Despite several official statements by some Northern governors that moat onslaughts are carried out by Fulani Herdsmen, Nigeria Media, mainly, Channels Television continue disallowing guests to refer killers as ‘Fulani Herdsmen’.

Channels TV, which has dominated major role in major Public and Private coverage, mostly Politics, continued to allow their viewers and guests to believe they are playing Federal government scripts mostly on the issues of insecurity reports.

The media giant has received a series of blasts from Nigeria regarding how they twist headings of security reports – “herders-farmers clash”.

During one of their Sunrise morning programme, deliberating on ‘Herdsmen-Farmers conflicts’, their guest, Jonathan Asake, who joined through teleconference from Lagos, reacted bitterly on how the TV giant handled the programme.

He bemoaned the conduct of the journalists for not had allowed him to address the rampaging killers as ‘Fulani Herdsmen’ noting that Nigerians ought to be allowed to speak out than media agencies shielding criminals.

Asake accused Nigeria media of contributing to the ongoing killings in the country, maintained there are difference between criminality, banditry and terrorism.

He, however, noted that the armed Fulani Herders goes by night to kill and should not be reported as clash.

In his words: “Truly, if you have not heard that Nigerians are becoming more frustrated with what is going on.

“When I mention here ‘Fulani Herdsmen’, I’m not the only one mentioning Fulani Herdsmen, and I have all then reasons to mention Fulani Herdsmen.

“The Media want to stop Nigerians from saying where the problem is coming from. If it is coming from a particular Ethnic group, we call them by their name.

“Have you seen any Yoruba people going around the country killing people? Have you seen any Tiv people, or Effik or Edoma people? Or Igbo people going around the country and people are complaining about them?

“So why can’t we mention them? So indeed, there are criminal Fulanis.

“Let me tell you, in my own place like I keep saying, there are our own Local Fulanis, there are also victims of this criminality or terrorist attacks, they kidnap their wives and they collect a ransom.

“Let me tell you, there is a difference between criminality and terrorism as it is happening right now.

“When you in the media decide to call this thing ‘farmers-Herders Clash’ every time, you are actually confusing the whole thing and it will actually not bring solution on time.

“Because the Fulanis have been going around killing, they don’t have cattle, they don’t rear cattle at the time they go to attack.

“They go attack in the night in the hours everyone is sleeping and when they go to attack, it’s not criminality, it’s not like the banditry we are talking about.

“Banditry is to go and steal. You can kill because you want to still” Asake, the President of Southern Kaduna Peoples Union, added.

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