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Call for a referendum now moving on to urgent considerations for Biafra – Nnamdi Kanu

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Agitation for an independent state of Biafra appears to be in high gear following a statement by the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu on Saturday.

Speaking regards the call for a referendum, Kanu said it is drawing close including other options enabling the realization of sovereign nation of Biafra.

His tweet on @MaziNnamdiKanu as retrieved by Scannews24 partly read “Our demand for a #referendum is now drawing closer to the point of moving on to urgent considerations of other options to restore #Biafra.

He revealed that people, majorly, of South east, are ready to walk down the poll. Hence, hour to see tp the reality is what is holding the expected referendum, he added

“Our people are ready. We have the means & wherewithal. What remains is the hour – the hour of reclaiming our manifest destiny, unilaterally.

Kanu had warned supporters to be ready and alert of war brought upon by Nigerian government through military.

He stated while reacting to a military attack on Eastern Security Network volunteers in Orlu, Imo State on Wednesday.

In a statement signed and made available by Chika Edozie, the group’s Head of Directorate described the air-raid as an act of war against Biafrans.

He maintained no part of land in southern region will be exceeded to Fulani Herdsmen, adding the group is ready to defend the land to the end.

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