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Bus Offloads Fulani settlers in Enugu, residents laments

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Some members of the Indigenous People of Biafraland have raised an alarm over strange faces dropped from the bus in Enugu state suspected to be Fulani Settlers.

In video footage shared by Chika Nworu, IPOB media front showed some persons offloaded from blue L-300 Bus mainly women in Ogu town of the state.

The reporter, who did not include his name said: “people of God, this what we are seeing this afternoon.

“This is Ogu town, we saw loads of Fulani men here. We don’t know where they’re coming from. This is Ogu town in Enugu state. We don’t know where these people are, coming from.

“These people are Fulanis ,we don’t know where they are coming from. This is them and their loads everywhere. See them with their loads. People of God see them here.

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