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Build Simple Electricity Source With Just Spark Plug For Your Appliances, Others (Video)

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Here comes a great opportunity to tell your small or mid-size generator bye for time being after taking this lesson.

A retrieved video by an online technician has indicated procedures to build just a simple electricity supply to your two or three-bedroom flat or bungalow.

According to the educator, using pieces of a spark plug, and extension box are basic requirements to kick start enjoying a lifetime opportunity than wasting resources on petrol, diesel, and light bill.

The sighted clip by SCANNEWS24 gave the procedures thus:

1. Open the Extension Cable by losing the screws
2. Get a superglue (any brand is preferable)
3. Gum the two plugs to be stable on a board (when applied the gum, for example, Araldite Gum, allow it to get dried between four to five minutes)
4. Connect the two positive sides of the plugs, together
5. Connect the extension to the plug as glued on the wooden board.
5a. Locate the supply out of the extension box and connect one of the provided cable points (wire).
5b. Locate the second supply out on and do the same.
5c. Use a maxing tap to cover both naked surfaces after joining the wire firmly on the box.
6. Close back the extension box and tight strongly with strews removed from it.
7. Connect both outer cables from the box to the plug tails (loosen the screw on the plug and tight firmly).
8. Everything is visibly done and ready for use.
9.check closely at the box light indicator if shows power flow on the led.
10. Time to test it (there is no expected harm surrounding the construction at this stage. Use any electrical appliances within like bulb or Television to test run. Cellphones can also be charged with it.

On the slight effect:

1. The plug will be a little bit warm in the long run depending on the amount of loading fused to it.
2. Excess volts may destroy your appliances or electronics.
3. Always use a Stabilizer or UPS.


1. It is recommended to open a standing fan and face it to the circuit to enable it to cool off.
2. To use your refrigerator, you need to increase the number of spark plugs to TWELVE and expand the circuit board size to accommodate all.
3. When using up to twelve plugs, make sure you use a light stabilizer to help normalize excess voltage output.
4. Two plugs already give out 230 volts as against normal 220 volts.

Congratulations if you are already on this free opportunity to save you from noise pollution, wastage of resources, and impromptu light failure.

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