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Buhari fights Kanu, Igboho despite call For Self-determination at UN 70th Session (Video)

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Amidst the clampdown on secessionists agitating for separate countries from Nigeria the APC-led administration, a clip of President Mohammadu Buhari protesting at the United Nations’ assembly for attention on self-determination surfaces.

The summit of the 70th session of Nongovernmental organization which officially adopted the historic new agenda, named “Transforming Our World The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) ” by the 193 Member nations had Buhari spoke in favour of Palestine.

The retrieved clip recorded the President reminding the house principles that led to the finding of United Nations which among them are physical coexistence and self-determination of the people.

Calling the attention of the nations, Buhari protested that the Palestinians should be allowed to enjoy the same right as prescribed by the UN charter without delay or obstacle hindering it.

He further charged the house to ensure the country exist in peace and maximum security without entertaining any reason to fully implement the resolution reached by the body.

Buhari, however, reminded the one-hundred and ninety-three that one has the moral right to deny Palestine their freedom through occupation or blockade.

Both Yoruba and Igbo youths under the aegis of Oduduwa Nation and Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) led by Ighoho and Nnamdi Kanu have been calling for freedom of regions through a referendum rather, the reserve has been the case.

President Buhari keeps displaying displeasure to calls for separation and self-determination in his country. Watch

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