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Brief About Bruce Mayrock, Student who burnt self to save Biafrans

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Bruce Mayrock 1949 – 1969

The majority of Igbos (Biafrans) living large and comfortable today would be trapped into short existence during the Biafra-Nigeria Civil War of 1967-1970 if not for the selfless sacrifice paid by a young boy, born into a wealthy family.

Going by traceable history, the boy took his promising life even when he never met with or come in contact with any Biafran before and during the war that took over 3 million innocent lives of Mothers, Children in Biafra.

Bruce Mayrock Graveside

Notably, the issue of the Biafra war was a discrete account which many finds difficult to tell how it started, who caused it, who was to blame but could easily tell that it was headed by two leaders, General Yakubu Gowon in the camp of Nigeria and General Chukwuemeka Ikemba Odumegbu Ojukwu leading Biafra camp and it ended in no victory and no vanquish.

One thing remains obvious in the heart of both camps that the Biafrans faced a lot of huddles, ranging from lack of Arms, food, water, and sabotage, and the Gowon’s leadership could use only a strategy to wipe off a region, by blocking all sources of food to Biafrans.

From the end of a young 20-year-old Columbian University Student, who probably engaged in international research and current affairs swing into action, being emotional and angered seeing what Biafrans were passing through.

The young adult, Bruce Mayrock, was born on 6 May 1949 and ended his full life today 30 May 1969 right in front of the United Nations building. He dramatically set himself up with blue flaming fire, not minding the pains, in view to attract the attention of the international community to plights of Biafrans who were at the point of extermination.

Exactly May 29 May 1968, the fire was burnt him to a comma and was confirmed dead early hours of the next morning after series of letters to international leaders, United States government were not responded to. His parents revealed.

The then leader of the Biafra Movement, Ojukwu after getting knowledge of the heartwarming tragic incident instructed Mayrock to be Immortalized and remembered by Biafrans so both his and Bruce’s souls will rest in peace.

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Upon his passing out, Chief Ikemba Ojuchukwu had this to his wife “‘There is still time’, I had assured my anxious spouse.. ‘You will get through this, and then you will do it, as you planned’ he conveyed.


He continued “I am a soldier..’ he said while looking straight into the eyes of his wife with all the equanimity of a man whose fate already lay before him; Bianca noted.

“the only modes of death I am conditioned to anticipate, happen to be death at the battlefield or by execution…I never expected to get this far. If I don’t make it, Do what you can…our people must never forget….’ Ojukwu added.

Bruce Mayrock, who was buried in a nondescript grave at the Mount Ararat Cemetery in Suffolk County NY, decorated with an inscription ‘idealist, zealot, student’ is being immortalized and remembered today along with other heroes and heroines directly or indirectly died for Biafra actualization struggle.

The project, according to Bianca, began unhurriedly till realization and will be unveiled today to commemorate the memory of the brave student, Mayrock, martyrs (Heroes and Heroines) of the Biafra – Nigeria civil war, and those killed unjustly due to the Biafra struggle till date.

The three-story edifice which took 30 months before completion will house “conference hall with Projectors, an exhibition floor that will house artistic depictions, iconic photos and historic scenes” Bianca disclosed in a correspondence disseminated on her Facebook timeline on Friday, 29 May 2020.

The house project, marking the 50th Anniversary of the end of the bloody war will also include in it “Sculptures of Bruce Mayrock” within the landscape and memorial hall.

“Pupils from various schools will have an opportunity to visit and learn more about our struggle. Bianca added.


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