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Bride price is for virgins – Reno Omokri explains

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Then media aide to ex-president Goodluck Jonathan, Reno Omokri has frowned over bride Price payment traditionally received by parents of non-virgins.

In a tweet on Monday, Omokri, who is known for ‘Reno nuggets’ borrowed a leaf from biblical contents to explain his claim.

Pointing out, he noted that paying for ladies who are not complete with their virginity intact is “like paying for what other men got free.

Citing a verse from Exodus 22:17, Omokri argued that is why David could not pay for Abigail’s bride price but did for Michal.

UK-based Nigerian, known for the “Buhari Tormentor” slogan, urged young women to save their virginity till marriage.

However, the tweet already spites outrage amongst followers, countering his opinion with different views.

Interestingly, many were eager to get feedback if he married his wife a virgin.

Others, on view, that most biblical warnings were of Jewish currently does not apply to today’s tradition.

The argument appears to be sustaining and controversial despite huge support commending his stance.

In between the divides, it is ethical to spend money for what it deserves both in utility and quality, therefore, contemporary girls are expected to exercise patience before involving in marital exercise as such.

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