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BREAKING: Woman purchased poisoned Tomatoes from Aboki in PH (Video)

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A disturbing clip has surfaced displaying a woman and believed family members narrate how purchased tomatoes were allegedly poisoned by an unnamed individual referred to as Aboki.

The footage made available to Scannews24 by a Facebook client, Moses Moses on Saturday indicated a bagged tomato claimed to had been contaminated with a poisonous substance.

The lady, whose name was not mentioned, narrated she bought the food item at Oil Mill market, Port-Harcourt, on getting home she released the tomatoes have openings.

“I bought these tomatoes yesterday and found out Aboki has injected everything, round. (She showed a number of the items having pierced openings).

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Another man, suspected to be her family member, said the poison is not the type that kills instantly, it may take days or months before manifesting.

However, this has ignited tension on social media suggesting the experience could be traced to quit notices recently issued to herdsmen within Southern Nigeria.

We understand the security of Nigerians at this point in time needs utmost attention majorly in the area of health regards the circulating video.

We advise citizens to be vigilant and report suspicious acts to appropriate authorities to enable them to carry out their legitimate function.

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