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BREAKING: Watch as Police officer harassing IPOB members (Video)

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Men of Nigeria Police stationed at Abuja Federal High Court entrance on Monday harassed members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPoB) within the premises.

The cops approached the gently appearing supporters urged them to vacate the arena, noting no one is expected around.

Politely, a number of members responded why they gathered asked to know where to go.

The altercation was issued when the worried IPOB members clarified they were present to observe the Court proceedings of their leader and have no other place to move to.

At this point, a particular officer whose name was not picked appeared offended, decided to address the crowd offensively.

However, the aggrieved Biafra agitators cleared that they were not in the court to make a case or fight anyone and should be allowed to observe the progressing court case.

AGF, Malami had earlier warned IPOB supporters not to flood the court arena.

The group’s leadership had urged willing members to go ahead if they chose to attend the court seating since it is not a secret trial.

Similarly, the gathered report indicates security agents in the early hours of Monday embarrassed journalists attempting to have a gate pass to the court.

A sighted list has shown few journalists said to be accredited for the court trial. Watch


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