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BREAKING: Valentine Iro, FBI’s Lead Suspect, Others Splashes Money In A Viral Video

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Nigerians react as a Viral video emerged showing one of those suspects recently arrested by Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for indulging in money laundering and fraudulent activities in America splashing money in an undisclosed occasion.

In the video, volume of hard currency was spotted on the floor while the guests dance, spray money.

The indicting video was earlier posted  by @femi_ogedengbe on Instagram, claimed the host in the trending video is Valintine Iro, one of the lead suspects announced by FBI and others.

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The post reads: Valentines lro. Number 1 on the FBI list…. This is Exactly what Nigeria as a Country ldolize and Celebrates. No more Hard work and honour… 50, A few of us Nigerians that Decides to take the slow but steady route appear to them like fools….After this life Abroad, 90% End up Buying their ways to Political offices Yet we Wonder How we got here at this corss road as a Nation.

The more Our Society continues to Encourage this type of sudden wealth, we will continue to be stagnant because his likes is the pool from which we now source leadership materials . Una doo! _Femi Ogedengbe.



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