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BREAKING: Underaged boy considers making money than schooling, says Nigeria is fake

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An underaged boy, appeared to be under age bracket of 13-16 years old has noted his displeasure for being a Nigerian.

In a five minutes video, SS 1 class boy, who appeared shy said he is not considering continuing his academic pursuit.

The boy, who spoke fluently with the Igbo Language said he is ready to do any job that will fetch him quick money, noting that money and riches are what trends in Nigeria and not education.

Responding to question on why he chose not to continue his education, the boy said: “not that he has stopped school but the fact is that he is no longer interested.

He said what average Nigerian needs now is to hassle, scan for money and forget about school.

He said the main reason to stop is school is because he had no capable assistance and there is no money to train him.

He argued that Nigerian leaders have failed in providing basic infrastructures for education compares to other countries where the youth are well prepared for education.

Responding to question if he is not aware there is free education in his state, he disagreed, said there is no free education anywhere, including his school, adding that he pays for his tuition fees.

Registering his bitterness, the who appears to hail from Anambra state said there no money to secure daily meal talk of ravishing it in school, revealed that he paid exorbitant fees last term.

Encouraging him to continue his education so that he can secure a better job in the future, and to have all it takes to encourage his younger ones on education, he acknowledged and said school is important.

But he maintained that school in Nigeria today is money and he has no money neither does his parents have, argued that making will pave more way to schooling.

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He has said it all, am happy at his stage he has beginning to realize that his state of backwardness is caused by…

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