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BREAKING: Two Evangelical Preachers Fight Over Preaching Spot (Video)

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Nigeria as a country appears to be a fun place where a new day unfolds with surprising events and Nigerians are seemingly moving ahead whether interesting or not, all falls into a cruise.

A circulating clip has indicated two believed evangelists in an open place exchange blows over preaching spot.

The preachers, a lady, and a man were spotted pushing each other and using unfriendly words.

The lady, appearing curious, was desperate to have the man beaten or probably crushed while the man, who keeps absorbing fighting invitation, runs around to avoid a blow or possibly, slaps from the woman.

Repeatedly, the young man continued to cast the angry looking evangelist out.

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She called him ‘ashawo preacher’ commanding the male preacher to get away from the preaching spot.

Addressing him as ‘stupid’, she knelt and raised hands towards heaven said ‘angel of God will punish you, idiot’ while the man, bereaved of words, continued to pray against her.

We understand such personalities are not expected to display such unwelcomed characters in the public mainly when they are apparently serving the same God.

This attracted passersby and caused a scene.

An onlooker, who was keen to call on bloggers’ attention probably, to cover the funny but humiliating clash described it as ‘Nigeria war’ ‘wahala be like a bicycle for here’.

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