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BREAKING: Terrorists attack Nigerian refugees in Timur, kill 51

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Developing Stories emanating from Maiduguri, the Borno state capital within the northeast area reported that terrorists have wrecked Tumur City, a neighborhood in the Niger Republic, which houses greater than 40,000 Nigerian refugees.

The assault which occurred on Sunday in accordance with some refugees, who called their family members in Maiduguri, was bloody, left over 51 persons dead and inflicting much havoc to property, together with animals. SCANNEWS24 gathered.

A lot of the dwellers of the city (Tumur) are folks from the Abadam Local Government Area of Borno state in Nigeria.

It could possibly be remembered that a related event transpired in mid-May 12 months ago which prompted over 2000 families to relocate to Damasak looking for security and safety.

Government officers and international organizations in Damasak informed journalists that the city of Damasak might experience persistence of the movement of individuals from Niger (mass inflow) within the coming days.

The officers called on the federal government and partners to start to prepare important items together with food to reply to the rapid needs of the new arrivals.

Meanwhile, Kankara residents are presently experiencing pains following the abduction of over 400 males from boys’ boarding school a few days ago.

However, The Governor, Amino Bello Masari revealed his government has established contact with kidnappers to secure the return of over 300 kids still missing.

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