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BREAKING: “Stop believing falsehood” Ejiofor warn, indicts British, Kenyan governments

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Lead counsel to embattled IPoB leader, Ifeanyi Ejiofor has clarified believed falsehood pelted on the various column of media platforms.

Speaking via his verified Facebook page earlier on Friday, Ejiofor authoritatively confirmed that ‘neither the British High Commissioner in Nigeria nor anyone acting ‘ on their behalf has paid a visit to his client, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu at the Department of State Service detention facility.

He noted that the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Kanu is presently kept incommunicado at the DSS office.

Ejiofor described circulated information being published on media reports as ‘fake news’ dished to the public by mischief-makers.

He further stated that the ordeal his client is facing in Nigeria is a criminal collaboration between the British government and those who facilitated the kidnapping from Kenya.

He, however, assured that a judicial process is being enforced Mefor British Court to coerce the government exercises her obligation to his citizen.

“Thankfully, the force of law has been activated through a judicial process, before the British Court to ensure that their statutory obligation over their Nationale is asserted, without further ado.

Thou, he agreed some notable media houses have been honest and are “guided by good conscience in their reportage. He commended their efforts. While major social media outlets help politicians to put Kanu in media trial ‘ostensibly feeding fat from the National treasury’

Ejiofor urged the public to always visit approved media platforms managed by IPOB representatives for “‘for an accurate account of all that is happening around Our Client -Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

He thanked all supporters and prayed that God continues to protect and strengthen Nnamdi Kanu at this trying time adding that there will be victory in the end.

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