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Breaking: #Revolution Convener, Omoyele Sowore arrested by DSS

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The presidential candidate African Action Congress (AAC) Omoyele Sowore has been arrested by Operatives of the Department of State Services.

Sowore human rights activist, pro-democracy campaigner, founder of online news agency Sahara Reporters was arrested Saturday morning at his home.

His arrest by the DSS could be as a result of his plans to mobilised people in Lagos and many parts of the country for a revolution protest tagged ‘ Days of Rage’ to demand a better Nigeria.

He also tweeted  ” Ja p”,  confirming his phone must have been seized while trying to raise the alarm about his arrest.

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1966 counter-coup issues in the air again – Wale Oshun, Arg President

The African Action Congress (AAC) had declared 5th August for the commencement of revolution protest tagged ‘ Days of Rage’ across the country to demand a better Nigeria.

Omoyele Sowore, disclosed recently in Abuja at the end of the party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting that the protest would be sustained until the country is put on the right path of honour where justice prevails.

His words,” Election was an opportunity to carry out a revolution of ballot box but they stole the ballot box. They hijacked materials that were meant for a free and fair election and as a result, they did not organise any election that was credible enough for people to have faith in the ballot box.”
“The revolution has, therefore, become inevitable. We didn’t choose to go for revolution, they chose it by ensuring that there was no level playing field in the last election.

” As you know, they did it in Sudan and it was started by some women. They were making fun of them but they did not stop until doctors joined them, the labour union joined them and what started with five people became 5,000 and 500,000 and became 5,000,000 and the regime fell.

” So don’t let anybody deceive you that in asking for a better government or country, you are committing any illegality. The biggest illegality being committed in Nigeria as of today is the rigging of election in 2019. The moment you don’t allow people to express their God-given rights to choose their leaders, you are committing illegality and inviting resistance.”

” I am not the only one asking for a revolution. 84% of Nigerians, according to a poll we conducted, want a revolution. They don’t want war but these people want to drive us into war so that we can all be exterminated at once . We don’t want war, we want a very clean , quick and succinct revolutionary process that will put an end to the shenanigans of government, oppression and corruption,”

“Don’t ask me whether I am afraid or worried about the legal implications of what I am saying. I am carrying out a historical duty and only history can judge me, not a prosecutor or a federal judge. You can’t kill somebody who is not afraid of death, ” he said.

The protest, which would take place simultaneously within and outside the country, would be coordinated by the leaders in different zones.

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