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BREAKING: Primary 1 kid Stir commotion for “Biafra Kwenu” greeting during graduation (Video)

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A primary one kid of Beryl Education Centre has caused a commotion during his graduation party on Tuesday following strange greeting exhibited.

Parents, guardians, and well-wishers who were present at the passing out/graduation ceremony were thrown into deep shock when the kid mentioned “Biafra Kwenu” before the dance presentation.

The kid and other mates who dressed in a colorful traditional outfit representing different cultures particularly in Southern Nigeria had walked out one after the order to introduce and salute the guests present.

The sighted viral clip displayed one of the kids who introduced their presentation ‘Great students of Beryl Education Centre’, she hailed with a loud voice and the group responded ‘Great’.

‘We the Students of Beryl Education Center’ she continued, ‘are here to present our cultural dance, are you ready’ she said.

Immediately, the male counterpart, dressed in unique attires, walked to the front line ‘Taah Taah Tahh, Ndi Igbo Kwenu, Anambra Kwenu, Ebonyi Kwenu, Enugu Kwenu’ and the spectators responded accordingly.

Topping the greeting in a styled voice, he continue ‘Biafra Kwenu’ and everyone responded loudly.

However, a close source noted that some of the staff from Ikwere extraction fumed over the display and expressed displeasure at their teacher.

A teacher queried while the kid could exhibit Biafran content in their land without fear urging anyone in support of Biafra to move to Igboland.

Other workers who are of Igbo extraction countered her and warned over the ill-statement. Video

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