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BREAKING: Police Arrests Ice Prince, Lists Offence, Charges

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The Nigeria Police have arrested popular Hip-hop star, Ice Prince for driving without a substantial driving license.

According to a tweet by Lagos State Public Relations Office, superintendent Benjamin Hundayin earlier on Tuesday revealed the rape artist, Panshak Henry Zamani was stopped around 3 AM and was taken to the station.

In his tweep: At 3 am today, @Iceprincezamani was stopped for driving without license plates. He agreed to be taken to the station.

However, Iceprince had a change of mind and decided to drive off with an officer (name withheld) stalked in.

The statement further noted: He, thereafter, abducted the police officer in his car, assaulted him and threatened to throw him in the river.

The musician has since been apprehended.

“He has been arrested and would be arraigned today, SP Benjamin said.

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The offences include:

Any person who(1) assaults another with intent to commit a felony, or with intent to resist or prevent the lawful arrest or detention of himself or any other person or

(2) assaults, resists, or wilfully obstructs a police officer while acting in the execution of his duty. or any person acting in aid of a police officer while so acting; or.

(4) unlawful assaults, resists or obstructs any person on the lawful execution of any process against any property, or in making lawful distress, while so engaged; or

(4) assaults, resists, or obstructs any person engaged in such lawful execution of process, or in making lawful distress, with intent to rescue any property lawfully taken under such process or distress; or

(5) assaults any person on account of any act done by him in the execution of any duty imposed on him by law; or

(6) assaults any person in pursuance of any unlawful conspiracy respecting any manufacture, trade, business, or occupation, or respecting any person or persons concerned or employed in any manufacture, trade, business, or occupation, or the wages of any such person or person,

is guilty of a felony and is liable to imprisonment for three years.


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