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BREAKING: PDP agents shatters money seen with APC agents in Edo (VIDEO)

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Tension rises in Edo as Supporters of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and the All Progressives Congress (APC) engaged in a fierce clash as the Gubernatorial election start.

It was gathered that some APC agents tried to share cash but were thwarted by their PDP mates.

The incident based on a report happened at Oredo Local Government Area’s polling unit.

The video footage of the clash reveals members of the opposition camps tough dealing with each other.

Comments overhead within the background suggest that the reason for the battle was cash.

Amidst the ugly display, only one police officer could be seen as making an attempt to regulate the scenario.

According to twitter handler, @afamdeluxo, the APC ‘demons’ attempted to circulate the money at a Polling Unit in Oredo Local Government Area before PDP agents arrived at the scene and shattered it.


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Meanwhile, Suspected APC leaders were reportedly captured flinging money at some group of electorates, largely women on Saturday in Esan West Local Government Area.

Electors at ward 4 including polling units 9, 10, 11, in Esan West were spotted battling over the cash.

It was learned that the money was smuggled in by party leaders as a way of convincing the electorates to vote against the party of their choice.

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