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BREAKING: Otedola In Search Of Little Girl Who Played Daughter’s ‘Gelato’ For Scholarship

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A little girl is about to win herself a scholarship being spotted by Billionaire Businessman Femi Otedola for playing her daughter’s soundtrack “Gelato.

The girl, spotted in the video handling keyboard with headset on his head, won the heart of the billionaire.

In bid to compensate the little star, Otedola uploaded the video of the girl which was already in circulation on social media.

A baby girl who is playing DJ Cuppy’s Gelato on a keyboard has earned herself a scholarship to the highest level of education she might wish to aspire to.

He wrote “My Daughter 😂😂😂 Can you find this girl? I will provide her scholarship from now through University! …F.Ote”

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The girl, whose age is likely to be no more than five, repeatedly sang ”Who is your daddy, Otedola,” a line now associated with Otedola’s music star daughter, DJ Cuppy.

The billionaire is impressed with the little girl’s performance and has told anyone who could locate her to do so.

See the video, as uploaded on Otedola’s IG wall:


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