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Breaking: Nnamdi Kanu establishes Charity Organisation ‘Biafra Aid Foundation’ in US, gets govt backing

He said the government US has accepted to support the group get Biafra sovereign state, gives reasons.

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The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu said to had set up charity organisation in the united states of America named “Biafra Aid Foundation”.

The IPOB leader, who is set to tour Australia and other countries, said the project is in fulfilment of his recent promise to “set up a US based charitable organisation” to hasten the restoration of sovereign state of Biafra.

In a statement signed by the group leader, Kanu, branded the project “Biafra Aid Foundation” urged members and supporters to engage in the free will donation.

He said “$1 charitable donation” monthly will enable the project meet its purpose speedily, adding that the project will fare till they see the success of Biafra. Adding that the US government is counting on them.

He therefore, provided directives to both donors in and outside US on how to participate in the ongoing free will donation. Read excerpt.

Attention !!! Attention !!

During my recently concluded tour of the United States, I promised to set up a US based charitable organisation to enable us fast-track the restoration of Biafra and stem the tide of Fulani terror invasion of our land.

I am pleased to announce the establishment of BIAFRA Aid Foundation in the United States of America🇺🇸 which I made public during last night’s special broadcast.

As part of this process, a grassroots fundarising initiative was agreed. The official IPOB backed Biafra Aid Foundation bank account number is now available to enable Biafrans domiciled in the USA and lovers of freedom from all over the world to contribute just $1 charitable donation every blessed month until Biafra sovereignty is fully restored and Fulani terrorism completely eradicated from all territories of the south.

The account was set up as a “501 C 3” ACCOUNT at CHASE BANK USA.

“501 C 3” means that every Dollar, Dime or Nickel you donate into this account is tax deductable and subject to TAX “WRITE OFF” at the end of the financial year. In other words, the American state is contributing to our effort to free Biafra through you. Therefore, there is no excuse for any Biafran in the US not to make this monthly donation.

You can donate to the Biafra Aid Foundation via the following means:

▪︎For ” QUICK PAY BY ZELLE” use this email:



1 of 965

▪︎For INTERBANK TRANSFER use the Bank Routing & Account Number

The ROUTING NUMBER is: 515216791

The ACCOUNT NUMBER is: 072000326


If you prefer, you can also go into any CHASE BANK and make the donation in person using the same Routing and Account number above.


For International Donors (outside USA):



ACCOUNT NUMBER: 072000326.

Remember you can set up a monthly Direct Debit “REOCCURRING” contribution. That way your monthly donation of $1 is automatically deducted.

Let me repeat, your $1 monthly donation is going into a “501 C 3” account, which means that every dollar, dime or nickel you donate is subject to TAX WRITE OFF.

Disseminate this information to every Biafran and all lovers of freedom worldwide.

Thank you for your support!!


Mazi Nnamdi Kanu
Indigenous People of Biafra

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