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BREAKING: Man in Kano washes hands, drank the waste water (video)

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An Irritating moment as a man in a circulating video reportedly washed his hand and drank the waste water to fortify himself against Coronavirus in Kano State.

The unidentified man, who was surrounded by his friends in what appeared to be a challenge washed off his dirty hands in a bowel after which drank it.

The viral video since shared on social media has attracted a series of condemnations from viewers inciting people to abhor next northerner.

In what may gradually turn to stigmas got some persons with the statement “it will not be well with Lord Lugard.

Though, many linked it to a high level of illiteracy traceable in the Northern region of the country while others are of suggestion INEC must test intellectual capacity before issuing subsequent voters card.

Some persons with a different opinion have urged the source of the video if really, the footage was recorded in the aforementioned state other instigated that it must be a Biafran blogger with VANGUARD NEWS using the avenue to insult Northerners.

We urged the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control to investigate the video and bring the culprits involved to book.

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