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BREAKING: Kicked out Nigerians in China receives food from American humanitarians (video)

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Four days later some Nigerians reportedly kicked out by the Chinese government have received relieve food from American humanitarians on Thursday.

In a viral video in circulation retrieved by SCANNEWS24 showed some of the affected persons sharing food items amongst them.

According to a Facebook client, Tony Asomba who shared video post on his timeline noted that those affected are not only Nigerians but including other ‘blacks’ from Africa.

We reported earlier that the Chinese government had embarked on residential permit check amidst the ravaging COVID-19 spread across continents and some individuals notably Africans were affected.

Despite the harsh weather, those victims were kicked off their home to streets both those who afforded fund for hotels were traced and evicted.

The news has sparked negative reactions around the world on social media mainly Nigerians referred the act as wickedness and inhumane considering the crisis the world is facing.

Amidst the unpleasant information, the Nigerian government yesterday received over ten Chinese Doctors to assist indigenous Doctors in the struggle against COVID-19 spread in the country.

Meanwhile, the Nigerian army reportedly received some military hardware purchased from China on Thursday.

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