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BREAKING: Iranian Missiles Bombed Ukrainian Crashed Plane – US

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A United States military intelligence report has revealed that the Ukrainian crashed plane was attacked by Iranian missile mistaken for the US.

The jetliner, a Boeing 737 according to report, was operated by Ukrainian International Airlines, crashed on the outskirts of Tehran during takeoff just hours after Iran launched a barrage of missiles at United States forces killing 176 people onboard.

According to an early report by Newsweek, President Donald Trump suspiciously believed the plane crash was a misdirection from the target.

“I don’t want to say that because other people have their suspicions,” Trump said, but added, “Somebody could have made a mistake on the other side … not our system. It has nothing to do with us.”

“It was flying in a pretty rough neighbourhood. They could’ve made a mistake. Some people say it was mechanical. I personally don’t think that’s even a question.”

Asked if he thought it was downed by accident, Trump said, “I don’t know. I really don’t know … that’s up to them. At some point, they’ll release the black box.”

“Ideally they’d give it to Boeing,” he said, but said giving it to France or “some other country” would be fine, too.

“Something very terrible happened, very devastating,” he concluded.

Reacting to the update, a Twitter client, Gerald Rivera said it was a bad example to even emulate during a war.

US intelligence telling reporters satellite intelligence shows it was an #IranianMissile that mistakenly targeted #UkrainianAirline resulting in deaths of those innocent men, women and children. A horrible, tragic, graphic, painful example of what inevitably happens in the fog of war.

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