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Breaking: Ijaw youths clash with Asari-Dokubo over Biafra council

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The launching of the Biafra National Council in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State capital reportedly almost caused a bloody clash between the Ijaw Youths Council (IYC) Central zone and one of its former presidents Alhaji Mujadid Asari- Dokubo but was averted by the Bayelsa State Police Command on Saturday evening.

According to Sun online reporters, Asari- Dokubo, who is the main promoter of the Biafra council, is determined to launch the council in Ijaw communities.

According to investigations, Kennedy Olorogun, who is the Chairman of the IYC, earlier heard about the meeting and mobilized members of his executives and Ijaw youths to the venue of the meeting at Honni Hotel where he was said to have told Asari- Dokubo that the meeting could not hold.

Olorogun, who spoke with newsmen in an interview, said despite early warnings, Asari-Dokubo chose Bayelsa, the homogenous Ijaw state to hold the meeting of the Biafra council and the IYC made it clear to him and about 300 attendees that the meeting could not hold.

In his part, Asari- Dokubo dismissed the story claiming the Olorogun and Ijaw youths stopped them from holding a meeting In Yenagoa.

The Biafra convener, Asari- Dokubo, who spoke with newsmwn in an interview, said it was the police that came with 25 vans and demanded that they should stop the meeting because they did not have a permit.

Olorogun said: “When we got information about the meeting, we stormed the meeting to stop them. They tried to resist us but we told them that we were prepared for them because we would not allow any part of Bayelsa to be used for a meeting calling for the actualisation of Biafra. It was getting out of hand but the police intervened to stop possible violence. My happiness is that we stopped the meeting from holding.

Asari said, “It was the police led by an ACP that came to meet us in 25 vans and demanded a permit and I told them that we don’t need a permit to hold our meeting. Olorogun is lying. Ijaw youths did not stop us. We held our meeting successfully and we are already in another community to launch the Biafra National Council, A

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