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BREAKING: How herdsmen took over Uru Village in Abia state – Report

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An unverified report has emerged on how the rampaging armed suspected Fulani Herdsmen to over a Community in Abia State.

In a 24/7 intelligence report shared by media Coordinator of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Chinasa Nworu Thursday on his Facebook account said the herders took over Uru Village, Lopkukwu Autonomous Community.

The post reads below:

Attention now shifts to Uru village of Lopkukwu autonomous community in Umunneochi local government area of Abia state. ORJI MBIRIBO is the name of the forest where the Fulanis camped in Uru village. In 2013 a foreign company known as Consolidated construction company started stones excavation at Uru village but they soon stopped working because their company site became flooded as the water took over everywhere and also destroyed their equipment, because of the flood.

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Consolidated construction company tried to ensure that they continued working at Uru village by relocating to three different locations but all were overtaken by flood, just as they were eventually chased away by the flood, a Chinese company known as Richborn construction company soon came into Uru village after Consolidated construction company has left.

Richborn construction company didn’t stay long before they also suffered the same fate that affected Consolidated construction company just as they also were soon sacked by flood, just as they stopped working and gradually the company folded but while Richborn company was leaving Uru village they left their equipment behind and Fulani zoo soldiers on mufti have been guarding these equipments in the company site while at the same time indirectly guarding and protecting their brothers being the Fulani herdsmen in the area and their cows from being attacked by the Uru villagers no matter the evil or crime that they continue to commit against indigenous Biafrans at Uru village because Richborn construction company site where these armed Fulani zoo soldiers on mufti base under the guise that they are guarding the Richborn construction company equipment is close to where the Fulani herdsmen have their tents and also camp at ORJI MBIRIBO in Uru village just as that area of land in the forest where Richborn construction company was and Fulani herdsmen also camp not too far from it is known as ORJI MBIRIBO.

Three years ago Fulani herdsmen came into Uru village and built their tents at ORJI MBIRIBO and immediately started to destroy the farm crops of the villagers including intimidating them while also making it almost impossible for Uru villagers to continue going to that area of the bush/forest anymore in order not to be harmed or raped inside the bush/farm/forest by these dangerous herdsmen, the villagers as a result as can be seen in the pictures decided to use bamboo and ropes to construct a local fence around their various farmlands in order to make it impossible for cows to be able to enter their farms to destroy their crops.

These Fulani herdsmen did not make life difficult for only Uru villagers but also crossed over to Isiagu in Ebonyi state who are neighbours of Uru village and with their cows they destroyed the farm crops of Isiagu people, this angered the people of Isiagu who couldn’t take it and as result immediately in the month of July 2019 went after the Fulani herdsmen at their ORJI MBIRIBO camp by crossing over from Isiagu in Ebonyi state to Uru village in Abia state, the Isiagu people confronted the Fulani herdsmen at their ORJI MBIRIBO camp and succeeded in chasing them away from there and also destroyed all their tents there.

We discovered that since the destruction of their tents and camp two months ago the Fulani herdsmen has even become more dangerous because they currently do not have a base just as they have been roaming inside the bush/forest/mountains of Uru village with their cows, but we suspect that they may sometimes be accommodated by their Fulani brothers that are zoo soldiers on mufti that are guarding the equipment of the folded Richborn construction company also at ORJI MBIRIBO land.

Reported by 24/7 intelligence

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