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BREAKING: How Chosen raised Dead Child (Video)

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Excess joy and Jubilation following miraculous events of a young child raised back to life at the Chosen Church.

A testimonial video made available to the public by the church’s Online Media Crew on Thursday accounts moment Bro Kenneth Okonkwo’s kid was prayed to live.

According to a member who narrated to #Scannews24, said Okonkwo joined the ministry as a pauper but has turned into a symbol blessed by God in all things.

Amadi Iyke who narrated on his Facebook timeline on Friday noted that the kid’s family suffered a lot, begged for bread but is today a bread giver (noting how God blessed him financially even with a wonderful family.

How the Table Turned Around

Is obvious when one is getting closer to success and stand to rejoice, Satan frowns and this was the case with Okonkwo. As a believer devil’s spanner was thrown at him to shake his faith in Christ (as captured in Daniel 11.32).

His wife, Iyke explained, was pregnant for the last child and the devil arrived when she was delivering, the process becomes stressful and complicating and the parents lost the baby. A heavy tragedy for the family he said.

Along the line, resuscitation followed and oxygen was recommended and placed on the lifeless body just as a lot of options were tried to get him back to life but remained futile effort.

Relocation to another hospital was suggested by the administering Doctor when the situation was beyond capacity yet was rejected.

However, another hospital was approached where attention was given still no hope was gained.

Based on the testimony, on exiting the hospital gate, walking home a frustrated family, a call came into the father’s cellphone and it was the general pastor’s wife. And a chance of prayer for the baby was requested “our daddy wants to pray” and bro Kenneth accepted.

Why Praying the Pastor cancelled death commanding life to be in and that was enough. And immediately ‘Amen’ was responded the “dead baby, cried, and the discolored skin of the dead boy instantaneously changed back to normal” Iyke accounted.

The baby was rechecked and confirmed strong and healthy without spending a dine. Watch Video

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