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Ebubeagu leader, Ogwu begs for life as he’s shot dead (Video)

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Jubilation greets members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) following a report that the leader of Southeast vigilante, Ebubeagu, has been shot dead on Tuesday.

IPOB had a few days ago declared to hunt down any member of the Ebubeagu within the southern environ.

The declaration came after the vigilante group allegedly participated in the killing of fourteen marriage guests in Imo State a few weeks before and many other killings attributed to them in the region.

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The serial death had prompted a series of protests by youths including aged parents calling for the government to ban their activities.

In view of curbing the continued attacks on innocent people, IPOB declared to track down the leader of Ebubeagu and other culprits involved in the atrocities.

Retrieved footage shared by IPOB media personnel, Anyi Kings on Tuesday indicates the moment Ogwu was intersected in an undisclosed location, forest, and released shots of bullets on him as he plead for forgiveness.

Southeast has recorded a high number of death since the emergence of the present government of Hope Uzodinma. Watch Video

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