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Canadian govt sends message to Igbos resident in the country

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The Canadian government has sent a heart warming and powerful message to the members of the Igbo community resident in the country.

The letter, which was signed by Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, Honourable Ralph Goodale, sent to the Cultural Association of Saskatchewan (ICAS) as they prepare to celebrate their Nigerian-Canadian heritage on August 3.

Minister Goodale, who wrote on behalf of Prime Minister Trudeau and the Government of Canada, expressed pleasure to extend greetings to everyone who will be attending Igbo Day.

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The letter reads: “Greetings to the Igbo Day of Art and Culture On behalf of Prime Minister Trudeau and the Government of Canada it is my honour to extend greetings and good wishes to al/ those attending the Igbo Day of Art and Culture here in Regina.

“As Canadians, we draw strength from our diversity — the growing Igbo community here in Regina, across the province and across Canada espouses that sentiment and plays an important part in our mosaic of cultures.

“As you gather members of the Igbo community and guests for the biennia/celebration of Igbo arts and culture, you celebrate and increase awareness of the rich Igbo history around the world and here in Saskatchewan.

“I wish you a wonderful evening of excellent art, entertainment & cuisine. By helping to share Igbo culture, traditions, knowledge and understanding, you are also helping to strengthen and enrich Canada”.

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