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BREAKING: Buhari’s daughter beg Nigerians to spare her over father’s actions

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Mohammadu Buhari and daughter, Zahra

Zahra Indimi, the gorgeous daughter of President Muhammadu Buhari has raised alarm that many Nigerians assault her on social media for decisions solely taken by her father.

She stated she prays for many who bully her online as a result of she has learnt to move on with life.


Zahra made the assertion on the first edition of “An Afternoon with Zahra” The occasion, which valued N10,000 per individual, attracted a number of younger individuals.

Narrating her story she stated, “2015 was when I knew what bullying was. It started with my photos going viral. I was actually having a yoga class and I was sweating but people were busy sending my pictures up and down. People used it for their gain during the campaign.

But the issue changed the way people looked at my dad because they didn’t know that we were educated, we could speak English, and we could dress. So it changed a few things for good. It showed another light. People then understood that in the North not everybody is illiterate.

The 2015 elections went well. After 100 days, then the blow started coming. ‘Zahra your father did this… Zahra your father did that. But seriously, am I in office with him? Do I take any vital decision?

Did you understand why some decisions are being taken? When I post my picture, it is my picture. It is not your child’s picture. I kept wondering why people do this to me constantly.”

She also requested victims of cyber bullying to not be intimidated by hateful individuals, including that many unfavourable feedback had been made out of envy.

Zahra added, “I know we have people who are victims here. So to be honest, if you are a victim you need to feel sorry for those people; they want to be where you are and they are not there. So they will try to pull you down. Would you let them pull you down? No. You need to know that you have the values that someone also wants.”

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