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BREAKING: Beheaded Native Doctor in Imo State Not IPOB, ESN Member, More Details Emerges

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Clarification has emerged following the death of a Native Doctor, popularly known as Ukwa Achinaka who was reportedly killed in Imo State said to be a medicine man working for the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and Eastern Security Network, (ESN).

According to reports, aggrieved members of the Southern-based volunteered vigilantes, ESN, trapped and killed the medicine man due to failed charms.

Reacting to this, IPOB media personnel, Chinasa Nworu shared on Sunday refuting the claims, said the Native Doctor was never working for IPOB or ESN.

Based on his statement, the Doctor hails  from Okwuorji Umudim community in Awomanma, Imo State, and was one who prepares charm for notable security agencies including military and police officers in the state.

The medicine man led a team of security operatives to Njaba River where spiritual works were carried out before capturing and killing of late ESN Commander, Ikonso, at his hometown.

He confirmed that the Native Doctor was beheaded because he was also on contract to track, neutralize and apprehend ESN vigilantes who are suspected to be spiritually fortified to combat armed Fulani Herdsmen marauding within rural communities in the Southern region.

Nwaoru stated that ESN does not need charms or depends on Native Doctor to operate rather believes in ‘Chukwuokike Abiama’.

He, however, advised the general public to disregard the news in circulation attributing the native man was never an IPOB or ESN member.

His words partly read “The native doctor thinks he is invisible but the spirit of our ancestors would never allow our enemies to conquer us in our land. Read full post

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