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BREAKING: Armed robbers attacked police stations, banks in Osun

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A Police station and two Commercial banks are reportedly raided by some armed robbers on Wednesday night in Apomu and Ikire city in Osun State.

In the course of the raid, it was gathered that many persons were shot dead by the raiders, despite the fact that the State Police Command stated that a number of losses were not instantly available.

The thieves based on reports passed into Apomu and Ikire via Ikoyi town and spread out themselves into different groups before they stroke assault on banks and police stations.

A witness residing in Apomu, who prayed to be anonymous, told he heard irregular gunfire around 5:30 pm close to the premises of a commercial bank positioned within the Oke-Ola Area.

In accordance with one other dweller of Ikire, who gave his name as Oloruntoyin, the criminals fired on a bank close to Akire’s palace, as well as Ayedaade Police Station.

He noted that the robbers thereafter departed the city and escaped while some local hunters and policemen engaged them in a gun duel.

Yemisi Opalola, the Ogun police spokesman verified the assault on a commercial bank in Apomu, a station in Ikire, as well as Ikire Area Command of the police by robbers.

Opalola however said the victim figure was not instantly available.

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